Used Car Dealership in Hazlet, NJ - Liberty Autos

Son making a father happy & proud

If your are thinking of buying a good car for a good price go to liberty autos. As they will take care of any questions you have. Good people who work with you and get you in your new car in no time. Highly recommend

Liberty Autos - Jessica Albano

First car for an aspiring model

Liberty Auto made buying my first car extremely easy. They were very respectful and transparent from the start. The owner was honest with me about what my needs from a car were and which cars best suited those needs - he knew I stopped there because I was in love with a cute VW Beetle, but realistically just needed a commuter car and in the long run would save a lot more money and time with a more basic car. He never pushed me to make a decision or tried to make me feel pressured that if I didn't decide someone else would take the car I was looking at. He also magnificently handled my father, who accompanied me on this car buying experience. Their cars have a 30 day warrantee and I am writing this review, now 30 days after buying my car, to say that I am still 100% satisfied with both my buying experience and my car. I am very happy I chose to buy from Liberty Auto and I highly recommend anyone that is in the market for a car to look there.

Used Car Dealership in Hazlet, NJ - Liberty Autos

Happy Family

Very polite and helpful workers. Cars are in great shape with excellent prices. I would 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a car that's in good shape with amazing prices.

Used Car Dealership in Hazlet, NJ - Liberty Autos

First Car

Liberty Auto really helped me to feel comfortable & confident that I was getting a safe car for my son. Both owners were not your usual car salesman...instead very trustworthy & sincere. I would highly recommend.

Used Car Dealership in Hazlet, NJ - Liberty Autos

Son’s First Car

Great experience with the owner. It's my son's first real car so it was nice to have such a stress free experience. It was quick and Manzoor, the owner was very transparent with the entire process and with the cars we were looking at. Manzoor was very reasonable as well. We finally settled on a Jeep Wrangler for my son. Great experience.

Ariscielle Novicio


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